To Keto or Not to Keto?

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My name is Sunny (yea that's me right there), and after careful thought and contemplation I took a 2-Week Keto Challenge. I believe that I eat a pretty balanced diet. My diet consists mostly of plant-based products, but I do eat grains and other foods that contain enriched flour and stuff. I take a multivitamin every day to ensure I receive all the vitamins and nutrients I need for the day. Especially, I since I am iron-deficient most of the time. It was so bad when I was younger that I would suffer from faint spells and extreme fatigue. This is why I switched to a mostly plant-based diet when I was in my early twenties. It helps to keep my iron levels balanced so that I don’t have to take those awful Ferrous Sulfate pills. They did more harm than good in my eyes.


I work out regularly and have maintained a weight of 135-140 lbs. for the last 5 years (or so). My workout routines vary but I do mostly cardio and kinesthetic exercises in my home gym. I’m also a big fan of multiple Beach Body programs. They helped to get me back on track after I had my son, 9 years ago. I'll talk about that in another post though...


I am currently a Special Education Teacher and usually commute 3 hours daily to get to and from work, but due to COVID-19 I have been working remotely from home. I love my job as an early childhood educator, and my students keep my on my toes every day. However, I have been living a sedentary lifestyle since social distancing took effect. So, I thought to myself, what better time to start a diet challenge than now! I have heard a lot about this diet, but I was curious how it would be trying it for myself.