Keto Bread Meal Ideas

On the Standard Ketogenic Diet, one must consume a diet that consists of 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% (or less than 50 grams) of carbs per day. 

When I first started the Keto Diet, I was sure I would be fine with not being able to eat high-carb enriched foods such as rice and bread. My diet was already very clean, so there was nothing to worry about. Right?

Wrong! That carb craving hit within the first two days. I never understood how much my body would crave carbohydrates until that first week into the Keto Diet.

I struggled to find foods that would satisfy the craving, but not push my body out of Ketosis. It was then I stumbled upon Keto Loaf Bread and it was a much needed miracle.

I started experimenting and came up with some pretty exciting meals that incorporated my beloved Keto Bread. Here are a few Keto-friendly meal ideas:

Strawberry Cream Cheese on Keto Toast

The key to keeping it Keto-friendly is to make your own strawberry cream because premade versions tend to include sugar. I did this by cutting fresh strawberries and mixing them with regular full-fat cream cheese.

Not only is it Keto-friendly, but it also is also a low-carb snack that may help curb that sugar craving.

Guacamole on Keto Toast

Now, I know a lot of people enjoy Avocado Toast, but what about Guacamole Toast. It adds a perfect blend of flavors to start your morning, or just as a snack for any time during the day.

Keto Toast Bites with Guacamole Dip

This idea came up on Cinqo De Mayo. My family was throwing back the tequila (I don’t drink myself) with chips and dip as appetizers. I really wanted something to dip into my homemade Guacamole (click here for the recipe). 

I happened to have freshly baked Keto bread, so I cut a few slices into strips and toasted them. Voila! The perfect dippable Keto-friendly snack!

Keto Tuna Salad Sandwich

Tuna salad is great for the Ketogenic diet. Add some Keto bread and you can make a sandwich full of flavor and health benefits.

Add some cheese and you can create a tuna melt. Both filling and delicious!

Keto Grilled Cheese

Speaking of cheese, this amazing little treat was one of my favorites. Lather up some Keto bread in butter and brown the sides until they are golden brown.

Add your favorite cheese (or cheeses) and you have an amazing meal. Some people like it with a side of marinara sauce, which I would highly recommend because it almost tastes like your having a slice of pizza. Amazing!

I hope you enjoyed these ideas. Keto bread is extremely versatile so the meal ideas are endless. Take the time to explore and come up with a few ideas of your own. My next attempt will be Keto croutons. I can't wait!

Click here for the recipe to make the Keto Loaf Bread pictured in the ideas above.

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