Day 5 of My Keto Journey

I don’t know why, but I could not fall asleep last night. I didn’t feel as sleepy as I had the past couple of days which I found to be weird, so instead I sat up and typed my blog for Day Four as I watched some Netflix.

As 11:00PM creeped up, I lay in bed trying to let the adventures of Money Heist lull me to sleep (like all TV shows and movies do at this time). At 11:30PM I still didn’t feel sleepy so I turned the TV off and tried to force myself to sleep. I lay there for a while as my mind raced, until I felt the slight vibration of my Fitbit alerting me that it was 12AM. Great! I lay there for what felt like another 30 minutes before I finally drifted to sleep.

I woke up at 7:15AM (my usual time) and felt a little sleepy so I decided to sleep in to my second alarm (which I instituted to combat my excessive snoozing from the last few days). At 7:30AM my second alarm went off and I was able to get up without feeling groggy. You would think after a having a hard time sleeping I would have a hard time waking as well, but that was not the case.

I am completely spooked because I have been falling asleep with no problems right before the mornings when I had trouble waking up, but now it is the opposite. I know that restless nights are part of the Keto Flu symptoms as my body adjusts to the new dietary restrictions, but some of this isn’t making any sense. I guess it is different for every person. What doesn’t help is that the Keto Flu is not recognized by medical professionals so I’m not going to get any help there (thanks a lot!)


Today I decided to switch things up. On my diet plan I had scheduled two hard-boiled eggs, but to keep my new trend of reduced meat I opted for one boiled egg instead.

I cut a stalk of celery to go along with it so it could hold me over until my breakfast smoothie. I was right. After eating that breakfast combo, I felt satisfied and ready to work.

As always, I had my morning coffee with almond milk, but this time I went for one mug instead of the extra half serving. I’m wondering if it may have contributed to my sleeplessness last night. Only one way to find out!

Morning Snack

I drank my breakfast smoothie at noon. Yes, folks that is 12:00PM. So much for keeping a regular eating schedule…

Once I again I was sidetracked by work, which is nothing bad at all. I love being productive. It gives me a thrill when I cross things off my daily checklist. However, this personal drive is not conducive of regulating my eating habits.

Anyhow, I only realized I hadn’t drunk my breakfast smoothie when I thought to myself, “Hmm… My stomach is rumbling… Why am I hungry? Did I eat?” I look up from my favorite blue screen and see my smoothie sitting right behind my monitor where I left it this morning.

I don’t like really cold drinks (room temperature everything for me), so I always leave my smoothie out for a few hours before drinking it. There have been times when I have forgotten my smoothie so long that by the time I returned to it, it was lukewarm and kind of sour, but I still drank it anyway. With this smoothie I should be ok until lunch, which I will aim to eat at 2:00PM.


So, my stomach started protesting at about 1:50PM which is fine because I was aiming for a 2PM lunch anyway. I made myself a grilled chicken salad with baby romaine lettuce, feta cheese, and ranch dressing.

I had prepped the salad in a storage bowl earlier this week, so it didn’t take much time to put it together. The most time-consuming part was waiting for the chicken to cook, which was a mere 8-10 minutes.

My salad was absolutely delicious, refreshing, and totally Keto friendly! I hadn’t eaten feta cheese in a while and forgot how tasty it was! I tried to eat it slowly because I know it helps with digestion to thoroughly chew your food rather than inhaling it, but as I started eating I realized how hungry I really was.