Day 4 of My Keto Journey

I did not want to wake up this morning. I snoozed the alarm several times until I forgot to snooze it. You know that feeling when you wake up startled because you know you shouldn’t be sleeping so long? Yea, that’s what happened.

I jumped out of bed at 8:12AM knowing good and well that I had a conference call at 9AM.

It reminded me of the meme I had seen of a smiling monkey with tousled hair and pink streamers all around it, but a broad indifferent smile on its face. That was me.

I rushed to get myself ready so I could at least have my coffee and look decent before the call.


(Ahh!) My morning cup of coffee brings me life! As always, a mug with 1/3 cup of Almond Milk. Just as yesterday I helped myself to another half serving because I had a strong feeling that I would need it today.

I didn’t feel too hungry thanks to my surprise midnight snack of hot wings (Ugh! Such a bad decision), so I took out a breakfast quiche and set it on the counter. I would come back for it right before my 2nd conference call.

You would think by my third day of eating these things I would be tired, but an amazing fact about me is that I can eat the same thing for days on end without complaining. As long as it tastes good and gets the job done then I am alright. That’s why I have been deemed the ‘unofficial leftover eater’ of our household. With a stomach of steel, nothing gets wasted by me!

Morning Snack

I didn’t actually eat my breakfast quiche until 10AM, because I got distracted by work. So, today I decided to skip my breakfast smoothie. I usually drink it by 11AM but I wasn’t hungry by then. Also, it would only push my lunch time to 2PM and later if I did drink it so I’ll save it for tomorrow. It can last an extra day in the fridge (remember, stomach of steel)! Rather than continue to push my meals later, I will try to go for normal mealtimes today.


As the day before, my lunch will be the dinner from yesterday: Zoodles with Grilled Chicken, Broccoli, Bacon Bits in Alfredo Sauce. I actually ended up with three servings instead of two like I had originally planned. This may be due to me shrinking my portion sizes. That’s great news for me because now I have an extra meal.

I have to keep in mind all the other foods I prepped for the week. I don’t want anything to go bad, so I hope this stuff freezes well! It will be a great meal for sometime next week. Oh yea! I’ve got this meal planning thing down alright.

I feel that I have been eating more than I usually would if I wasn’t on the Keto diet challenge. I also noticed a decrease in constipation when I shrank my portions, but that could be due to a host of other changes I have made since starting this challenge such as including Metamucil, drinking extra water, less meat, etc.

Either way, my meal was just as good today as it was yesterday! Planning my meals this way makes it so much easier to stay on track, because I don’t have the urge to stray and eat any non-Keto food when hunger strikes. So, there is always something for me to eat or snack on.


I completed a brisk walk on the treadmill after I finished working (it seems I finish later every day now), because I didn’t feel up to an intense workout. I have been known to stay on the treadmill for hours just watching Netflix and sweating. As long as I have a bottle of water or a workout smoothie, I’m ok to keep going.

This week I find myself getting exhausted after an hour, which again may be caused by the drastic carb restriction. I hope I don’t end up gaining weight during this challenge. I would be very unhappy but could fix that in the weeks that follow this challenge. We’ll see what happens.

OK. So, I didn’t make this meal myself, but a family member had made Spicy Shrimp Gumbo and Okra with rice for dinner. I graciously accepted some (because I knew it was Keto friendly) and though I would have loved to eat it over rice I opted to eat it over Romaine Lettuce instead.

I threw in half an avocado to make the meal more filling, and it did hit the spot but knowing how it usually tastes over rice left me wanting something else. I’ll go back to making my own Keto meals tomorrow.

Evening Snack

No evening snack for me today! That half of an avocado did the trick. I thought my dinner would not be enough to hold me over for the rest of the night, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Avocados certainly are a super fruit! I have a few ripe ones left for the week so I will continue to add them into my meals. Plus they are full of healthy fats and nutrients. You can’t go wrong!

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Day Four Synopsis

As I continue to move through the challenge I have made a few changes to my meal plan. I have decreased my portions, added a scoop of Metamucil to my daily diet, reduced the amount of daily protein, and increased water intake. And that is just the changes I have made to my Keto meal plan.

I have also started brushing my teeth or rinsing my mouth with mouthwash when my mouth tastes weird between meals, and reducing the intensity levels of my workouts to match the lack of energy I have been overcome with. I think these are all reasonable changes that suit my current lifestyle.

Additionally, I have seen positive changes in how I feel after I implemented these changes. I feel less bloated, I haven’t had a headache today, and I can see my abs again (well, hello there!). They were starting to look like one fluffy blob over the last three days. Maybe my body is getting used to the dietary changes.

I have not weighed myself since day one and I am not the type that weighs myself daily, so I will see how my weight is affected at the end of this challenge. Anyone reading this should take into account that their own lifestyles may call for adjustments to a ‘Keto Diet’. Well, another day down in the books! Day five here I come!

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