Day 3 of My Keto Journey

Today I woke up and snoozed the alarm until 7:41AM. I didn’t feel like getting up and my body was feeling a little sore. My workout wasn’t that intense yesterday for my body to feel this way. If anything, I feel like I should have moved more…

Despite how I was feeling, I pushed myself to walk around as stretch to warm up my muscles. Today is a double cup of coffee day for sure…


I made myself a cup of coffee and helped myself to another half a mug to make sure I was ready for the day. I’m already expecting fatigue from the carb restriction so I can’t let a sleepless night and body aches steer me off my path.

I wasn’t hungry yet, so I decided to push off my breakfast quiche for 9AM, which was right before one of my scheduled remote video meetings.

I also took 1 scoop of Metamucil to keep me regular during this process (constipation is so uncomfortable). I figured if I took it early in the day then I would feel better tomorrow morning when I wake up.

Morning Snack

The quiche held me over until about 11AM when I drank my breakfast smoothie as a morning snack. I am glad I decided to opt for 1 instead of 2 breakfast quiches. Even though they are delicious, I don’t need the extra calories if I’m not going to burn through them. I also think the extra food is contributing to that constipated and full feeling that I have upon waking the past few mornings. Besides, I move less now that I work remotely so it only makes sense to eat less. It is because of this that I actually felt hungry when I drank my smoothie. I think I will continue this trend for the rest of this 2-week period. On an average day in the classroom, I would burn a little over 2,000 calories a day. And that is without a daily workout, because I’m usually too exhausted after a day of work.


I went for a walk around the neighborhood with my son at 1:30 because the weather was beautiful. With all the rainy and cold days, we have had in the past 2 weeks, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for some fresh air. We both needed it.

I fixed myself lunch once we got back because I could feel the hunger creeping in with every step I took. My lunch was simple enough. Tuna Salad on Romaine Lettuce Wraps with Plum Tomatoes and sliced Avocado.

Once again, prepping the tuna salad this weekend made this meal take less than 10 minutes. It was refreshingly delicious as well! I went back to my trusty home office to finish a few work-related items, before completing an intensive leg day and jog on the treadmill.


Today’s dinner: Zoodles with Broccoli, Chicken and Bacon in a Creamy Alfredo Sauce! I have been excited to try this recipe, but I also knew it would take some time so I did it well before the evening hunger set in.

As soon as I finished my after-workout shower, I went straight to the kitchen to start cooking. I grilled the chicken first so I could nibble on a few bits as the rest of my meal was prepared.

This meal has taken the most time so far because the only things I could prep ahead of time was the seasoning of the chicken and the bacon bits. Nevertheless, it was not a disappointment.

My husband looked over my shoulder and contemplated whether or not to risk his life for a taste, but his body does not agree with coconut, which is the oil I have been using throughout this Keto process.

I know what you are thinking… I purposely used coconut oil so he wouldn’t eat my carefully prepped Keto meals. No... and yes. I have never cooked with coconut oil so I thought this would be a great opportunity to try it. It’s also very Keto-friendly. The fact that he can’t eat my painstakingly prepared Keto meals is only an added plus.

While I was making my dinner, my husband decided to start a fire in our new fire pit, which we built ourselves as a weekend quarantine project. He is an amazing handyman and the owner of his own small business. Guess it runs in the family...

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He wanted to spend some family time while making smores. Now if there is something my body likes, it is sugar and on Keto I can’t have that. What a dilemma?! I secretly think my husband plotted against me because of the coconut oil, but I smiled and joined them anyway.

I knew I couldn’t sit there and watch the family eat all the chocolatey gooey graham goodness without mentally torturing myself, so I made it a point to eat my dinner first.

After finishing my dinner at 8PM I grabbed my favorite hoodie and ventured out to the yard which was full of laughter and the smell of toasted marshmallows. Feeling stuffed I gazed dreamily into the embers of the fire and thought to myself, ‘I could really use a nap right now’.

Evening Snack

After we had put out the fire and everyone in the house had settled for bed, my husband looks over to me and says, ‘Yo, I’m hungry. Wanna get some hot wings?’ Here I am in my pajamas and heavy eyelids, but I agreed and we were off on a midnight hot wing run.

After a 45-minute run we returned with an extra-large order or wings. I know my son wouldn’t forgive me if he found out we ate wings without his so the extra was his meal for tomorrow. I ate 4 hot wings with blue cheese dressing, but I really wanted the sweet chili wings my husband was devouring mercilessly. It’s ok though. My willpower has been strong and I have stuck to my Keto meals with no exceptions.

Day Three Synopsis

I’m realizing that I should have started an end of day synopsis from day one, but I learn as I go. So, I will now start from day three (don’t judge me).

I’m starting to wonder if the fatigue may be a symptom of this dreaded Keto Flu that I don’t want to experience. I’m finding it harder and harder to get out of bed each morning and I have always been a morning person, so quite frankly I’m not happy about this.

It may also be caused by the drastic drop in carb consumption, which makes sense as well. I also noticed that in between meals I have that, ‘I haven’t eaten anything all day’ breath and I’m dying to pop a stick of gum, but I know better. Instead I rinse my mouth with water or mouthwash. It helps a lot.

There are a few symptoms of the Keto Flu that I’ve noticed. I have already experienced the headaches and constipation after day one and that was pretty early into the challenge. I definitely have the body aches but that could also be due to my workouts. However, I work out on a regular so this shouldn’t really affect me as much as it has lately…

I will continue to keep track of the small changes I notice as the days go on. One benefit that I’m definitely looking forward to is the clearing up of acne. I have this really painful pimple on my chin which I’m wondering is from all that extra fat and oils I have been consuming, but it could all be in my head. Another day down in the books! Day four here I come!

Be sure to read how I conquered day four here!

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