Day 2 of My Keto Diet Journey

Ok… I woke up at 7AM with cramps in my stomach. Additionally, my bladder felt like it was about to explode! I really feel it is because I ate my dinner so late, and the extra water intake. I really need to fix that for tonight. I also feel very bloated.

I’m not that big of a meat eater so my body might still be working through that roasted lamb from last night. Well, it better hurry because that is what I’m having for lunch!

So, I double-checked and it is ok to have Metamucil on a Keto Diet. I usually take 1 teaspoon every other day so my body is probably craving that extra fiber. Time to get my day started!


I had a mug of Maxwell House Original Blend coffee with about 1/3 a cup of Almond Milk (as always) and 2 Breakfast Quiche’s.

Now the recipes online for these things vary so I can’t really give an accurate calorie count.

My quiche’s contained eggs (of course), mushrooms, sweet red pepper, sweet onions, red onions, jalapeños, and roasted ham (leftovers from Easter dinner that I had frozen just for this occasion).

I had prepped a week’s worth of these things on Saturday and froze what I wasn’t planning on using within the next 2 days. You gotta prep for success!

Morning Snack

I had my breakfast smoothie, but I wasn’t feeling hungry when I had it. Starting to feel like I’m force feeding myself so I can stay on schedule. I might just have to push lunch to 2pm so I don’t end up feeling bloated again. Also, since I am working remotely, I am not using as much energy as I would on a regular day. So, I’m not burning through what I am consuming as quickly as I normally would. I will have to keep this inconsideration with my snacks and meal times (food for thought – haha!).


To make things easier for myself since I have to prepare meals for me and my family, I try to prepare enough dinner so that I have leftovers for lunch the next day. With that being said, its Roasted Lamb with Mixed Veggies cooked in Coconut Oil and ½ an Avocado for lunch today.

This time I gave myself a smaller portion of lamb to combat the inevitable bloating feeling I had yesterday night (and this morning). My smoothie did a great job of holding me over this time so I was not hungry until a little after 2PM, but got distracted with work and did not actually eat until 3PM. My dinner is going to be so late again.


I was feeling sluggish today and not up for my usual HIIT workout through my Fitbit Coach (amazing little free 90-day trial), so I settled for a brisk walk on the treadmill. I did feel the slight twinges of a headache here and there while I was finishing up my lesson plans for the next day.

This sometimes happens when I overwork myself, so I am accustomed to ignoring it. Instead I drank some water just in case it was dehydration. It’s too early for me to have symptoms of the dreaded Keto Flu… right?... I hope not. Wait… Isn’t constipation a symptom? I’ll just stay positive... :-D

After my workout I ate a Grilled Chicken with Bacon and Ranch Dressing Salad. Yes, I ate dinner late again since it was 8:15PM but in my defense I wasn’t hungry yet.

Anyway, I had prepped the salad on Sunday and pre-seasoned the chicken so it would be easier to put together. I also baked a pack of bacon and cut them into bits so I can add them to my meals whenever I wanted. Once again, you gotta prep for success!

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Anyways, the salad was delicious and filling. I was left feeling content with no desire to eat again for the night. Yay!

Evening Snack

So here we are... 10PM… and I am hungry again! Why?! I need to get ready for bed! Thankfully I had set aside two servings of Toasted Coconut Almonds from Blue Diamond. If I hadn’t separated that serving I probably would have kept going to the bottom of the bag (they’re so good though!) I didn’t want to overdo it on the protein, so I was trying to be very careful with portion sizes.

Either way I ate both servings as I watched Harley Quinn with my son. He then then shook his head as he ate his fun-size Snickers. I couldn’t help it. All that sugary goodness could be seen and smelled from across the room. At least I didn’t crave anything else after the 2nd serving. Another day down in the books! Day three here I come!

Be sure to read how I conquered day three here!

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