Day 1 of My Keto Journey

I’m excited and confident that I will be able to complete this challenge diet within 2-weeks. My normal diet did not include a lot of refined carbs since I ate them 3-4 times a week, but I did eat a lot of fruit.

Though I do not drink juice, I do enjoy sweet treats and find myself craving them around the same time of night which is right before bed. I feel this will be my testing time. Also, since I work remotely due to COVID-19, I find myself wanting a snack more often than I used to. I have to constantly remind myself that I’m not hungry, just bored.


I drink coffee every day. Every… Single… Day! I had switched to using Almond Milk months ago so I’m not making big changes there.

I have a mug of Maxwell House Original Blend coffee with about 1/3 a cup of Almond Milk (no sugar) every morning.

I started my day late (darn you Netflix and Saturday night binging!), so a lot of my meals will be pushed back. I ate breakfast which were 2 Bell Pepper Rings with 2 Fried Eggs at 12:00PM. I was surprisingly still hungry though I’m usually a light breakfast eater, but this may be due to the fact that I was preparing Sunday dinner for my family.

They are not doing this challenge with me so I still have to prepare regular meals. I am anticipating this may be tough because I will be cooking and prepping foods that I will not be able to eat. In order to ensure success, I have prepped a lot of my Keto friendly foods for quick and easy access so that I don’t grab something in the spur of the moment.


While roasting golden potatoes and a leg of lamb, I fought hunger until 2pm when I drank what I call my ‘Breakfast Smoothie’. It consisted of Raspberries, Strawberries, Ginger, Kale, Celery and Water. All the ingredients are fresh and blended together in my Ninja Blender (love that thing).

I usually prepare them ahead of time (up to a week’s worth) and pop them in the freezer using old water bottles for easy access and storage. I usually add protein powder to my smoothies, but since this diet already has a lot of protein, I will be skipping that addition during this challenge. My smoothies are usually pretty filing, but without the protein powder it tasted watery and light. The result was me being hungry again after an hour of consuming it. Why me?!

Afternoon Snack?

By the time the lamb was done, I found myself indulging in a piece (or two). It smelled and tasted so good! It was also the only thing stopping me from eating the golden cupcakes I just finished making.

I caught myself absentmindedly licking the knife after I finished frosting a few of the cupcakes. I panicked and ran to the garbage can to spit it out. My 8-years-old son looked at me sideways, grabbed a cupcake, proceeded to take a bite, and walked away. He is very confused by this Keto ‘thing’ as he calls it.


At 4pm I pulled out my lunch which I had prepped the day before. It was 2 Tuna Salad Stuffed Bell Peppers. I devoured those things as I watched my family help themselves to the dinner I had made. Roasted Leg of Lamb, Rosemary Roasted Potatoes, Jasmine Rice and Mixed Veggies (Peas, Carrots, Corn).

So far, I’m feeling like I punished myself to a Keto corner but it is just day one. It’s all in my head. After eating my late lunch, I completed some work on my laptop for about 3 hours. That lunch held me over for quite a bit!

I did a 1-hour brisk walk on the treadmill at 4 miles per hour. I did not want to do anything too crazy since I was working out later than usual and wanted to make sure I didn’t disrupt my sleep patterns any more than I already had with my Netflix and movie binge session from the previous night.


It was 8:30 and I was finally getting dinner. Roasted Lamb with Mixed Veggies cooked in Coconut Oil and ½ an Avocado.

I had to make a separate pot of mixed veggies with Mushrooms, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Carrots, and Sweet Onions because some members of my family are allergic to Coconut. Also, the veggies I made for the family had brown sugar mixed into it which is a big no-no for Keto.

My dinner was delicious and very filling, so I felt content. I did get a fleeting desire for sweets right after I finished eating, but I think that was mainly from a force of habit. I wasn’t actually hungry for anything so I ignored it an drank some water.

I brushed my teeth (I heard that decreases your appetite) and did a few household chores such as putting away laundry before settling in with a show by 10pm. I try to go to sleep no later than 12AM during this quarantine time. It allows me a minimum of 7 hours of sleep which is my goal for each night.

I believe I was asleep by 11:30PM, but I couldn’t help but feel that wedge of food that was still in my stomach. I will have to eat dinner earlier tomorrow, because I can already tell I will have some constipation with this diet. Day one is complete!

Be sure to read how I conquered day two here!

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