7 Steps for Meal Prep Success

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When you first start a diet, it can be hard to stay on track. Meal Prep can help you plan your meals and maximize your ability to reach your diet and health goals.

Meal Prep can help to make or break your diet. One of the many benefits is that it can help you save you time and money when done correctly.

Prepping my meals ahead of time helps to keep me on track with my daily health goals, allows me to portion my meals, and saves me tons of time and money.

7 Steps for Meal Prep Success

  1. Choose a specific day of the week to prep your meals.

  2. Stick up on shelf-stable ingredients such as pasta, beans, grains, jarred sauces, rice, oils, spices, etc.

  3. On meal prep day, focus on foods that take the longest to prepare such as meat, dried beans, roasted veggies, etc.

  4. Consider staples and easy to grab foods such as hardboiled eggs, washed greens for salads, cooked beans, etc.

  5. Prep food you don’t want to cook immediately such as marinated meat and freeze in freezer-safe bags for easy access later.

  6. Make extra portions that can be used for the following week, but be sure to store in freezer-safe containers and date/label when it was prepared.

  7. Pack meals in individual containers that you can easily grab and go, and portion out foods based on your dietary needs and goals.

Now that you know the 7 steps of meal prepping, you need to learn the materials needed to successfully prep and store your foods. Click here to read my post on the materials you will need to maximize your prepping success.

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